Subway Pizza Menu

You heard us right... Subway make pizza!

When you think of ordering a pizza, the first commercial pizza names which come to mind may be places such as Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s, or Little Caesars. Subway is most likely not the first place which comes to your mind as to where you could order a pizza from, but Subway has the option to order a Personal Pizza nonetheless. The Personal Pizza has been a hidden favorite of many for a long time.

The option to order a Personal Pizza for yourself has been around for quite some time, though many may not have even realized it was available. Many have always thought the Personal Pizza to be part of the Subway “Secret Menu”, though it was previously visible on the large menu images. With the new menu changes Subway has rolled out, it has definitely become more of a “Secret Menu” item, as it is no longer visible on the large menu screens which have been dedicated to showcasing Subway’s new selection of specialty sub sandwiches, dubbed the Subway Series. However, if you are placing your order online or through Subway’s downloadable mobile app, you will be able to find the Personal Pizza with ease, as it is prominently featured as a menu section along with the other options, such as the new Subway Series, the Traditional Subs, Salad Bowls, and the Protein Bowl selections.

The Subway Personal Pizza starts off as an 8” Cheese Pizza on a flatbread crust. This flatbread is not made in-house, as the previous Subway flatbread was, but is instead shipped to the franchise location while frozen and topped with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. When you order a Subway Personal Pizza, the sandwich artist attending to your pizza will remove the pizza from the refrigeration unit and add more shredded mozzarella cheese to the top. 

You can leave your Personal Pizza simply as a plain Cheese Pizza, or you can choose to add a variety of toppings to your Personal Pizza, customizing it to make it a truly “Personal Pizza”. While you are not granted access to the full selection of Subway toppings for your Personal Pizza, you still have several options of vegetables to add to make your Personal Pizza more delicious. Since Subway does not offer fruit, you will have to leave the pineapple off of your Personal Pizza, as it would seem Subway does not believe pineapple belongs on pizza.

The toppings you can add to your Subway Personal Pizza include:

  • Spinach

  • Tomato

  • Red Onion

  • Jalapenos

  • Black Olives

  • Green Peppers

You also have the option to add some extra salt to your Personal Pizza if you find it lacking in the seasoning department or if you just like your pizza to be saltier than the average pizza.

There are a few extra add-ons you can choose to pay for to be put on your pizza, creating some delicious additions that many people consider to be a staple of any pizza with the ability to completely change the taste of your pizza and take it from a meatless, vegetarian-friendly Personal Pizza to a meat-lovers dream for just a few extra dollars. The optional add-ons, and their prices, for a Subway Personal Pizza include:

  • Bacon - $1.00

  • Pepperoni - $0.75

Once you have made all your choices when it comes to customizing your Personal Pizza at Subway, having chosen any additional toppings to add to the basic Cheese Pizza it starts as, as well as any additional salt or extra add-ons, the Sandwich Artist attending to you and your Personal Pizza will toast the pizza until it is fully baked with a crisp crust. Once your Personal Pizza has been customized and toasted, it will be given to you for you to enjoy.

While the Subway Personal Pizza is a lesser-known menu item, it is still one Subway has opted to keep through the trimming down of the menu. Evidently, it has remained popular enough that Subway has deemed it beneficial to its menu, retaining customer satisfaction when it comes to its Personalized Pizzas.

The 8” customizable Personal Pizza offered by Subway can be a delicious alternative to your classic sub sandwich order, giving you some deliciously cheesy variety made just for you.