Subway Menu Prices Australia

Find the prices of your favorite Subway Australia orders

Subway Australia's menu and its prices! Where do we start? Well... what started as a takeout service has, in some branches, evolved into a dine-in experience where you can take your seat and dive into the freshly prepared meals. Subway, the undisputed monarch of sandwiches, began with a humble story of a 17-year-old in need of college funds and has since grown into a brand with limitless combinations of delicious ingredients and freshly baked bread, enticing customers to return time and time again. Navigate through our guide, filled to the brim with detailed menu listings, including our iconic subs, salads, and sides, all accompanied by the latest prices. Whether you are a long-time footlong fan or a curious connoisseur of Australian Subway offerings, our guide is your compass. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the tasty treasures of Subway Australia!


Menu Item 6 Inch Foot Long
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt sub $9.90 (AUD) $14.70 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel sub $9.90 (AUD) $14.70 (AUD)
Steak Melt sub $9.90 (AUD) $14.70 (AUD)
Southern Style Chicken sub $9.10 (AUD) $13.25 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern Style Chicken sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Spicy Southern Style Chicken sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Classic sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Strips sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken sub $9.40 (AUD) $14.00 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. sub $8.60 (AUD) $13.15 (AUD)
Leg Ham sub $7.55 (AUD) $12.10 (AUD)
Meatball Melt sub $8.35 (AUD) $12.70 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel sub $8.25 (AUD) $12.60 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo sub $8.25 (AUD) $12.60 (AUD)
Turkey sub $8.25 (AUD) $12.60 (AUD)
Veggie Patty sub $8.25 (AUD) $12.60 (AUD)
B.L.T. sub $5.00 (AUD) $9.00 (AUD)
Pizza Melt sub $5.00 (AUD) $9.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation sub $5.00 (AUD) $9.00 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo sub $5.00 (AUD) $9.00 (AUD)

Wraps (small)

Southern Style Chicken wrap $9.10 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern Style Chicken wrap $9.40 (AUD)
Spicy Southern Style Chicken wrap $9.40 (AUD)
B.L.T. wrap $5.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken wrap $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt wrap $9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Classic wrap $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel wrap $9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Strips wrap $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki wrap $9.40 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. wrap $8.60 (AUD)
Leg Ham wrap $7.55 (AUD)
Meatball Melt wrap $8.35 (AUD)
Pizza Melt wrap $5.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation wrap $5.00 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel wrap $8.25 (AUD)
Steak Melt wrap $9.90 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo wrap $8.25 (AUD)
Turkey wrap $8.25 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo wrap $5.00 (AUD)
Veggie Patty wrap $8.25 (AUD)

Salads (small)

Southern Style Chicken salad $9.10 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern Style Chicken salad $9.40 (AUD)
Spicy Southern Style Chicken salad $9.40 (AUD)
B.L.T. salad $5.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken salad $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt salad $9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Classic salad $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel salad $9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Strips salad $9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki salad $9.40 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. salad $8.60 (AUD)
Leg Ham salad $7.55 (AUD)
Meatball Melt salad $8.35 (AUD)
Seafood Melt salad $5.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation salad $5.00 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel salad $8.25 (AUD)
Steak Melt salad $9.90 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo salad $8.25 (AUD)
Turkey salad $8.25 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo salad $5.00 (AUD)
Veggie Patty salad $8.25 (AUD)


Double Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.50 (AUD)
Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookie $1.50 (AUD)
White Chip Macadamia Cookie $1.50 (AUD)
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.50 (AUD)
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie $1.50 (AUD)


Classic Wrap Platter $56.00 (AUD)
Favourites Wrap Platter $59.00 (AUD)
Favourites Sub Platter $59.00 (AUD)
Veggie Sub Platter $50.00 (AUD)
Classic Sub Platter $56.00 (AUD)
Veggie Wrap Platter $50.00 (AUD)
Wrap Platter made with Gluten Free Wraps $59.00 (AUD)
Small Cookie Platter $11.00 (AUD)

Breakfast Rolls

Menu Item 6 Inch Foot Long
Bacon & Egg roll $7.75 (AUD) $11.60 (AUD)
Egg & Cheese roll $6.75 (AUD) $10.60 (AUD)
Ham, Egg & Cheese roll $7.75 (AUD) $11.60 (AUD)

Breakfast Wraps

Small Bacon & Egg Wrap $7.75 (AUD)
Large Bacon & Egg Wrap $11.60 (AUD)
Small Egg & Cheese Wrap $6.75 (AUD)
Large Egg & Cheese Wrap $10.60 (AUD)
Small Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap $7.75 (AUD)
Large Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap $11.60 (AUD)

In the end, we trust that our detailed exposition of Subway Australia's menu and prices has equipped you with the requisite knowledge to satiate your hunger with a well-informed and delectable choice. Remember, Subway is not just another fast-food joint. Its commitment to health-conscious options, such as gluten-free bread and fat-free condiments, sets it apart as a healthier alternative. Couple that with the fastest service a fast-food restaurant could offer, and you have a truly compelling choice for fast food lovers. Always remember, our guide is here as your trusty sidekick in your gastronomic journey through Subway's menu. Don't forget to revisit us, as Subway's menu, much like its bread, is always fresh and ever evolving - but we keep the prices and products up to date to the best of our ability.